Build Planting Boxes for Your Garden

Don’t get boxed in to ordinary landscaping techniques. Add dimension to your yard by building planting boxes. You can frame your deck with them and fill them with gorgeous flowering plants; you can strategically place them around your yard to add a pop of color and beauty; and you can create an herb or vegetable garden of magnificent proportions…or any proportion you like. Think outside of the box!

Building planting boxes is easy! First, you want to purchase your wood from a reputable local lumber yard such as M&M Enterprises. You’ll want lumber that will stand up to the elements – something like cedar. Whatever wood you purchase, make certain it is untreated, as treated wood contains toxins which can kill plants and harm people if you are growing vegetables or herbs.

Then cut your wood to size. Drill three pilot holes on the ends of the two shorter boards ¾ inch from the edge of the board so wood won’t splinter when you insert the screws. Use galvanized screws because they won’t rust.

If you are placing your box over soil, you can use cardboard as a floor to keep weeds at bay. If you are placing your planter on a deck or some other surface, you will need a bottom. Measure the length and width of your box frame to determine the size of the bottom of your planter. Affix this with galvanized screws as well. Drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Then sand any rough edges.

For best results, place a non-metal screen at the bottom of your planter to protect the wood. Add a thin layer of gravel for added drainage before inserting your top soil. If your planter is a made from a beautiful wood such as cedar, you may want to leave it natural. If you decide to paint, stain or varnish, don’t treat the inside of your box. You don’t want to contaminate the soil.