Choosing Dark and Light Wood Colors for Home Interiors

Dark wood adds a rich, lustrous appeal to any home. If your furniture is dark wood, molding and other dark wood accents will help to beautifully showcase your furnishings. Deep burgundy and striking gold can be stunning against dark wood moldings and dark wood provides an excellent contrast to any light paint, furniture and fabric colors you choose.

If your home or furnishings and wall colors are on the dark side and you want to lighten things up a bit, light wood accents will help to brighten up a home. Vibrant blues and vivid greens are handsomely enhanced by light wood accents, and light wood can help to provide an updated look to areas in your home that may seem dated.

Light and dark wood can complement any color combination. The mix and contrast is really very subjective. Whether you like the luxuriant, tradition feel of dark wood or prefer to brighten things up with lighter wood molding and accents, pay a visit to M&M Enterprises, Inc.

The different types of wood we offer are as plentiful as our patterns. Choose from soft or hard maple, white or red oak, various pines, ash, poplar, thermo (Viking) wood, alder, cedar, cherry, cypress, douglas fir, ipe, mohagany, sapele, spruce and walnut. We are also equipped to fill any size order. M & M Enterprises, Inc. can accommodate orders as little eight feet and as large as thousands of feet.

Browse through our online catalog or visit our shop to view our enormous array of patterns or to compare wood types. Or give us a call for more information.