How to Get Creative with Window and Door Trims

There are some great ways to mold your house into a beautiful work of art and do it inexpensively. One of the best ways to do that is by getting creative with your window and door trims. It is super easy to change your cookie-cutter mouldings into amazing door and window trim moulding.

One of the easiest ways to modify your moulding is to simply layer a second moulding against your original plain Jane moulding. Choose any pattern or thickness that suits your style. This method of sprucing up your mouldings will look like one beautiful piece of trim once it is painted, and it is a cost-effective way to add some pizzazz to your home and increase its value!

You can also make your door and window trims look like expensive crown molding. One way to do this is with a 2”x2” pine strip at the top that is your widest piece. Place a slightly shorter 5/4”x6” piece of pine underneath for that thick, rich feel. Place some 1”x4” pieces on the sides. Lovely!

Or you could go country and create a farmhouse window look by adding a wider 1”x4” on top, a 1”x1” and 1”x2” under that, a 1”x6” header casing and 1”x4” side casings. The stool would be 1”x6” and 1”x2” and your apron is 1”x4”. Wow! It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Have you ever played with Legos? This is a lot like building with blocks.

If you are intimidated, or simply need more info or unique ideas, just get in touch with the moulding and trim experts – M&M Enterprises. M & M Enterprises, Inc. is Central Florida’s trusted source for mouldings and trim. We offer over 2,000 patterns and can reproduce your designs. In fact, we supply moulding, millwork and lumber to contractors and the general public in Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Ocala and Palatka, and delivery is available to certain locations.