How Is Thermal Wood Different?

Thermal wood is wood that has been heated to over 400 degrees and oxygen starved. What happens during this process is that organic compounds are eliminated, so that the wood can no longer absorb water, expand or contract. The outcome is lumber beyond compare!

The moisture is removed, so thermal wood is lighter and, subsequently, much easier to maneuver. It also no longer provides nourishment for insects or an optimal environment for fungi, mold and mildew. As you might imagine, since it is not subject to insect damage or decay, thermal wood is far more durable than any ordinary wood. Being free of moisture also makes thermal wood more stable because it is not susceptible to warping. Plus, unlike pressure treated lumber, it will not corrode metals.

Since thermal wood is weather resistant with no chipping or rotting for many more years than traditional lumber products, it is ideal for outdoor applications such as decking, siding and even basement subflooring.  In fact, with proper maintenance, thermal wood is rated for 20 to 25-year external use!

The high gradual thermal heating process also provides a beautiful, deep, rich color. If unfinished, it will weather naturally, and if sealed, it will maintain its chocolate…almost tropical hue.

The thermal wood modification process is natural, non-toxic and chemical-free, so the end result is environmentally, child and pet friendly. It’s a green alternative that leaves the competition (What competition???) green with envy!

Thermal wood is available at M & M Enterprises – the local lumber source of choice.