Make Your Own Shiplap!

Shiplap can add beachy appeal to any home and is especially charming in a land full of pristine shorelines like ours. Shiplap is also a strong and durable type of paneling and it is easy and inexpensive to make your own!

First things first…You need plywood that is free from defects, imperfections and any warping or cracking. The best way to ensure that you are purchasing quality lumber is to use a reputable lumber yard, like M & M Enterprises. M & M, your local Daytona area lumber yard, is family-owned and operated. So, you can rest assured that the lumber experts there will always make sure that plywood (or any type of lumber) orders are high quality.

After determining the length and width you need, use a table saw to cut your plywood into equally sized pieces. You can use a router or circular saw with a straight-edge to create your grooves. Then just sand the rough edges. 

Overlap your boards for that shiplap effect, using nails or countersunk screws to attach them level and flush on the wall, leaving an 1/8 inch gap between planks for room to expand and contract. Sealing nail or screw heads and edging with trim (remembering to caulk any gaps between the trim and the wall) will give you a finished, professional look. 

Give your shiplap a few days to settle and then you can protect it from moisture with a waterproof sealer, paint it if you like and you can even topcoat it with polyurethane for another added layer of protection.