Why You Shouldn’t Paint Over Your Lovely Wood Trim

To paint or not to paint…that is the question…your trim, that is. There are plenty of reasons not to paint over your gorgeous wood trim. The primary reason for evading the whole trendy paint phase is so that you can maintain the exquisite integrity of your beautiful wood, particularly if your home is historic.

And, speaking of trends, they come and go. If you paint your trim, in essence ruining the intrinsic quality of your wood, what will your plans be once painted trim is out of style? Hmmm.

You can also save yourself a great deal of time and aggravation by deciding not to paint your trim. While more natural wood trim may need to be stained from time to time to maintain its rich lustrous appearance, stain typically lasts longer than paint, and will stand up tougher to scuffs and marks than paint ever could.

If you are fancying an update, consider curtains to change the appearance or to brighten a room. White or cream colored fabrics against natural wood trim looks amazing! You can also add crown molding in a soft white around your natural wood stained windows or doors. This will give you a different look without harming your magnificent wood.

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