Thermal Wood: Its Major Benefits

Just like a thermal blanket, thermal wood offers a hosts of benefits that will help you sleep well at night:

  • Thermal wood is strong. It is created through a unique process that makes it impervious to the elements and, subsequently, perfect for fencing, siding, decking and other outdoor uses.


  • Thermal wood is durable. Its unique composition is incredibly resistant to rot, insects and mildew. It also resists moisture, so it holds its shape and will not warp.


  • Thermal wood is safe. Most pressure-treated woods are created with the use of hazardous chemicals – toxins that can harm people, animals and even, over time, break down the assemblies that hold most wood together! Absolutely no chemicals are used in the production process of thermal wood, so it is non-toxic. And, since thermal wood is completely environmentally-friendly, the scraps can also be safely used as mulch in gardens.


  • Thermal wood is also sustainable – made from renewable resources.

The bottom line is that, thermal wood is a peerless product that will offer many years of high quality performance.

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