Thermal Wood: The New Standard

A Durable, Stable, Beautiful Contemporary Design Solution
A leading cause of damage to construction is moisture. Moisture can permeate wood, resulting in toxic
mold that can destroy ordinary woods and create dangerous health issues.

The Problem:
By nature, wood is a biodegradable, unstable material – one that can rot and warp.
The Solution:
Thermal modification

Thermal modification of wood is relatively new to the United States. It was developed in Europe in the
1990s as a way to add value to Scandinavia’s largest resource. Thermal wood is created by using heat
and steam to change the properties of wood – making it less absorbent with subsequent minimal
expansion and contraction. It also converts the wood’s natural sugars which decreases decay and
creates beautiful, rich color.
The benefits to thermal wood are enormous. Thermal wood is strong, making it perfect for fencing,
siding, decking and other outdoor uses. Thermal wood is durable – resistant to rot, insects and mildew.
Thermal wood is safe because there are absolutely no chemicals used in its production process. Thermal
wood is also sustainable – made from renewable resources.
Thermal wood can be acquired at M & M Enterprises, Inc., Central Florida’s trusted source for moldings
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