Using Repurposed Wood Instead of Cutting Down Trees

Did you know that forests cover over 30% of the world? They create oxygen to sustain us and homes for wildlife including many endangered species. They are the source for much of our food and medicine, and they soak up the detrimental carbon dioxide fumes that contribute to pollution in our environment.

Trees are cut down at an astounding rate to accommodate our demands. It’s amazing how many things wood is used for…aside from countless paper products, it is used for everything from decking to broom handles. Another sad element of this story is that even though there are hundreds of types of trees within our planet’s forests, we typically use the wood from only a few species – like mahogany, walnut and teak, causing them to be particularly over-harvested.

However, there is a new, refreshing and more responsible trend, and that is the trend of forest conservation. One of the most beneficial ways to help preserve our forests is to use repurposed wood instead of cutting down trees to meet many of our needs.

Repurposed wood can come from items such as old wooden barns, wooden barrels and wood pallets. Normally tossed as trash, these items can be transformed into new floors, walls, furniture, decking, mantles, shelves, beautiful home accents including molding and trim and so much more! Aside from its ecological attributes, repurposed wood has a unique, visually appealing look, and each piece tells its own story.