Viking Wood: What It Is

A group of fierce warriors without peer, the Vikings roamed our earth thousands of years ago. Viking Wood, aptly named after these tough nomads, is a durable wood that was thermally modified to stand the test of time. It is also reliable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Viking Wood is treated under extremely high temperatures to cook away sugars, resulting in an amazing green alternative to chemically preserved wood. It is excellent for exterior applications where weather and decay can be problematic for other types of woods. Viking Wood has a Class 1 durability rating; it is heat tolerant; it repels moisture; and it reduces moisture related shrinkage by 5 to 15 times.

This natural, completely chemical-free, sustainable alternative to tropical imports such as teak and ipe, is also very beautiful. It offers a deep, rich color and beautiful grain structure, and is available in poplar and ash.

Expect very minimal maintenance with Viking Wood, and feel free to use it for decking, siding, porch flooring, furniture, plank flooring, windows, doors, moldings and more. Viking Wood is available at M & M Enterprises, Inc., Central Florida’s trusted source for lumber and millwork.