Why Thermal Wood Is the Right Option for Building Projects

You know that protective nature that accompanies the gift of motherhood? That quality is reminiscent of the relationship between the thermal process and wood. That, my friend, makes thermal wood the perfect lumber material for builders.

Thermal wood is protected against rotting, insects and nature’s other nasty elements; so it maintains its integrity and possesses an amazing amount of durable grit. The thermal process also improves heat insulation by 5-15%, and what homeowner or commercial building owner doesn’t love the sound of that?

Plus, thermal wood is beautiful. The thermal process results in an unparalleled, warm, rich, brown color. That gorgeous finish is achieved without the use of chemicals or biocides, so thermal wood is also environmentally friendly. Additionally, thermal wood processing requires very little energy, so the thermal wood process itself leaves only a miniscule carbon footprint.

For your thermal wood, shop M & M Enterprises, Inc. – Central Florida’s most trusted local lumber yard. M & M Enterprises, Inc. is the proud supplier of lumber and millwork to both contractors and the general public in Holly Hill, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Ocala and Palatka, and delivery is available to certain locations.

At M & M Enterprises, no job is too big or too small. M & M Enterprises, Inc. fills orders as little eight feet and as large as thousands of feet; and aside from thermal wood, M & M Enterprises offers a wide array of wood types, including soft or hard maple, white or red oak, various pines, ash, poplar, alder, cedar, cherry, cypress, douglas fir, ipe, mohagany, sapele, spruce and walnut.

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