Why Use Wood?

Lumber has long been a favored building material because of its versatility, aesthetic appeal and availability. Wood is also a lightweight, easy to handle and cut building material, making it a preferred choice for contractors.

Let’s face it, wood is absolutely beautiful, creating a warm look like no other construction material. Oddly enough, due to its inherent energy, wood can also absorb and emit heat, actually creating a warmer feel – much more easily than concrete.

But wood doesn’t just absorb temperature, it can absorb sound, making it the perfect building material to prevent echoes and to block out horribly loud (and often horrible to boot) teenage music. In all seriousness though, for its sound absorption qualities, wood is used to construct most musical instruments. It is also used to create those amazing acoustics we are so fond of in theaters and concert halls.

Now let’s address the more mundane, but not less beneficial attributes of wood. Lumber is easy to work with, maintain and repair for everyone from the seasoned contractor to the weekend warrior who is taking on a home project for the very first time.

And if you are looking for a variety of choices, with over 60,000 species of wood throughout the world, lumber can provide that too…allowing us to choose our wood according to its handsome nature, strength, weight or durability. Wood can also be treated with a variety materials from stains to paints, creating even more looks and appeal.