Best Woods for a Damp Environment

Florida is legendary for its humidity, rainy season and hurricanes, which can all leave everything on the wet side, but don’t worry. M & M Enterprises, your local Daytona lumber yard, stocks all types of woods including the lumber you require for construction projects that need to be able to withstand a moist environment. Here are a few examples:

M & M Enterprises carries dried and ready to use pressure treated pine in 1×4 ft, 6 ft and 8 ft sizes. Pressure treated wood is made by eliminating the air within lumber by saturating it with chemicals while it is under pressure. It is water-resistant lumber which may be a little more expensive than non-treated lumber, but quite a bit longer lasting.

Viking wood, which is chemical-free and subsequently a safe, green lumber option, is thermally modified under extremely high temperatures to provide a class 1 exterior durability rating. Its production process actually repels moisture at a molecular level, lowering the equilibrium moisture content by 50 to 90%. This beautiful and domestically harvested poplar or ash lumber is a nice alternative to imports such as teak which offer similar extended longevity.

There are also woods, such as cypress, which have natural oils, making them resistant to water damage and rot. Another wood containing natural water-resistant oils is mahogany, which is also very dense making it harder for moisture to penetrate.

M & M Enterprises is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing quality lumber to Daytona area customers since the early 1970s. Please feel free to stop by or call with questions about your next project. Our on-site lumber experts are always happy to help.


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