Decorative Panels: Wainscoting Ideas

Bored? Maybe it’s time to mix things up with an easy, inexpensive home upgrade. Ever consider adding decorative panels to enhance the interior of your home? Here are some wainscoting ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Let’s start by bringing that tired living room to life by making it a bit cozier, because there is nothing like the warmth of natural wood panel moldings to add character to a room.

Another wainscoting eye-catcher is using wainscoting in combination with wallpaper. A lovely variation of this is to run a neutral wainscoting base around the room while placing a contemporary wallpaper pattern above – even continuing to cover the ceiling!

Plus, don’t box yourself in by thinking that wainscoting should always be left in its natural wood state. Colored wainscoting can make a beautifully bold statement in any room. So choose a color that pops and paint it!

First impressions are lasting and wainscoting can help you make a great one in your foyer. Wainscoting can provide a wonderful complement to historic architecture and is also a nice way to marry contemporary and traditional styles in an entranceway.

Looking for a more country style? Tongue and groove wainscoting may be perfect for you. This type of wainscoting is also excellent for covering up sketchy walls. Wainscoting can also provide a protective wall covering in areas like behind tubs or sinks in the bathroom. Want to hide unsightly exposed wires or piping? Wainscoting works well for that too!

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