DIY Sectional Couch for Kids

As every savvy woodworker worth his salt can attest, the world of woodworking options is a wide and wonderful one…from Adirondack chairs to birdhouses; but don’t forget the wee little ones!

There are woodworking projects for some very incredible items just for kids. You can build the typical wooden toys, and playhouses, but have you ever considered embellishing an area within the interior of your home for your children? If you have a playroom, you can create beautifully crafted wooden furniture that is a great fit for the tinier people in your house, as well the perfect accoutrement for your playroom. A do-it-yourself sectional couch for kids is one excellent example, and here’s how…

You need 2×4 26” back legs; 2×4 12” front legs; a 2×4 51 ½” top; and 2×4 25 ½” seating slats. Drill (2)  1 ½” pocket holes on the inside end of each sideboard  and attach to front and back legs with pocket hole screws and wood glue. In the same manner, attach your horizontal pieces to the legs, your back top and then your slats to create the seating portion. Tie your sofas together with the backrest, and you’re done! 

If you have kids, 2x4s, screws and wood glue, this woodworking project is for you! It’s durable, inexpensive, can be made in any shape you want; and if you want washable, waterproof seat cushions, you can just recycle your crib cushions; and you can choose from a wide selection of wood types at M & M Enterprises – your local lumber yard!

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