Floating Decks: An Excellent Way to Create Budget-friendly Outdoor Spaces

Floating decks aren’t attached to a foundation or structure. They simply rest upon the ground, resulting in an exceptional vehicle for expanding your outdoor space without expanding your budget.

So let’s discuss specific benefits of floating decks…Unlike the extra work and cost that traditional decking requires, there’s no extensive excavation or permanent foundation needed with a floating deck. So, it can be a brilliant solution for zoning restricted areas. Additionally, although you may want to level the ground a bit where you place your deck, a floating deck can also be an amazing alternative in portions of your yard where the ground is uneven.

Here are just a few ideas for floating decks to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Create visual magic in your backyard with a large, square floating deck surrounded by a garden bed perimeter. 
  • For those with less space, small floating decks can be a great way to solidly position your outdoor furniture.
  • One of these spaces could be an elegant dining area topped with pergola or opt for casual farmhouse style with an extended picnic table for festive gatherings.
  • Construct an L-shape floating deck for a scenic seating corner – adding plants, flowers, fountains or sculptures to make it easy on the eye.
  • You can even incorporate a bit of your interior by topping your floating deck with a rug (albeit an outdoor rug) to create a cozy conversation area.
  • Also, a floating deck paired with a trellis can serve as a beautiful entranceway to your yard or gardens or use floating decks to create pretty pathways throughout your property.


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