Forget About That Cubicle Job. Do What You Love for a Living

Wish you could be outside instead of packed in a cubicle with a bunch of other sardine-like humans? Tired of hearing the ridiculous gossip around the water cooler and having to look at photos of the boss’ cat? It would be different if the cat actually DID something. Doesn’t he watch YouTube?

Ever thought of boxing up your fake geranium and nameplate and doing what you love for a living instead? If you love building furniture, according to Bob Vila, all you need are a few materials and an afternoon and it can be “insanely easy”.

Want to build a bench? Nail support boards under your bench top; attached table legs with anchors; then stain or paint and distress if you like.

How about shelves? Stain scrap pine boards; spray-paint L-brackets; attach brackets to the wall; and rest your shelves on top.

Prefer to build one of those ultra-modern, industrial-style tables that are trending? Construct your base from L-angles secured with bolts, lock washers and nuts and then just fasten to a plywood plank tabletop.

Tired from all your building projects and need to relax? Drill holes along two L-shaped plywood plank frames and weave pieces of an old rubber hose through the holes. Once you create springy tension, you’ll have yourself a relaxing lounge chair!


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