Hardwood Flooring Trends

Want to know what is trending when it comes to hardwood floors? According to real estate experts in a recent 2023 report, hardwood floors continue to maintain their favored status among prospective home buyers; their rich luster besting the popularity and appeal of fluffy wall-to-wall carpets and the recent upscale vinyl plank trend.

These real estate agents also agree that hardwood floors remain a classic interior design choice, often creating the most impressive wow factor during home showings. Although synthetic hardwood flooring wannabes have improved over the years, still nothing compares to the natural, cozy vibes that hardwood flooring delivers.

As far as hardwood floor trending styles and colors go, wide planks are once again gaining popularity, as are bleached tones and dark espresso-type colors. While honey tones are still a lovely option, they are trending far less aggressively these days.

Durable, easy to stain and possessing the traditional appeal many home buyers prefer, the most popular hardwood floor choice is oak, which is favored by 60%; with maple, walnut and bamboo pretty close in the running. Hardwood floors are also incredibly low maintenance and, with highly sustainable (and affordable) options such as bamboo, they can be eco-friendly (and budget-friendly).

Splurging on hardwood floors may feel like an indulgence, but it is one that will retain its value for the long haul, while adding unsurpassed beauty and warmth to your home.

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