Have You Done Your Homework?

We all have them…those annoying home repairs we need to make or upgrades we’d like to complete, like that new decking we wanted to add around the pool or that pergola the wife was wishing for above an outdoor seating area. When it comes to your “homework,” do you know which is the right lumber for the job?

Naturally resistant to bugs and rot, redwood, cedar and cypress are all good choices for deck flooring. Rot-resistant pressure treated lumber works well for building outdoor structures such as outbuildings and sheds. Lumber for a pergola would depend on your design and budget, but yellow pine is a nice, economical, durable and treatable choice. If you have a little more in your budget and prefer red tones, red cedar is a strong choice offering up beautiful grain patterns.

Now let’s move things indoors. Hardwoods like your oak, maple and walnut are all nice choices for flooring. Hardwoods are also often the lumber of choice for cabinet frames. While cabinet doors can run the gamut with lumber types from cherry and maple to birch and beech.

Whatever your homework, just remember that M & M Enterprises, your local Daytona lumber yard, has a wide selection of wood types, ensuring the right lumber for you…and if you’re looking for a little assistance, we can help you determine which lumber and how much of that lumber will work well for your homework project and budget.


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