How to Make a Small Room Appear Bigger

Lumber can be the instigator for some pretty amazing creations, but did you know that it can create the illusion of a small room appearing much bigger? Yep, and there are a variety of ways that can be done!

Installing a small band of molding approximately one foot down from the ceiling around the perimeter of an entire room is one way. Painting the ceiling above the molding a different color from the wall below is another way. Lighter paints, like white or cream, and pale pastels help too, as does using lighter colored flooring and large wooden floorboards, as opposed to smaller, thinner ones.

Opening up the area within small spaces can also make them appear larger. So, if you are more of a furniture craftsman than a builder or renovator, consider crafting some built-in storage and/or multi-functional furniture to help avoid clutter in smaller rooms. 

A great example of furniture that can help you make a small room appear larger is floor-to-ceiling bookcases or entertainment centers, which can show off the height of a room while adding some valuable space saving, vertical storage. Furniture with clean lines and legs showing can also help make things appear more open and less weighty; and, subsequently, provide the appearance of a larger room.

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