Live Edge Wood Is Perfect for Making Countertops and Tables

Live edge wood is perfect for creating stunning counter-tops and tables. It is an absolutely beautiful and wonderful way to welcome the splendid elegance of nature into your home. In fact, it has actually become so popular that it is often used for kitchen tables, more expansive dining room tables, end tables and accent tables. Counter-tops simply come alive when constructed with live edge wood. It may surprise you, but live edge wood also makes gorgeous headboards, bar tops, stools, benches and desks. Imagine a live edge wood mantle showcasing your stone fireplace. Edge wood furniture is the perfect accouterments to a lanai. Live edge wood is even so edgy, that the latest common trend is to use it as a wall or floor art. The possibilities offered by edge wood are endless!

Want to create a showpiece in your home that has no rival? You want live edge wood. Live edge wood is striking, magnificent and unique, offering characteristics from thick chunkiness, stocky twists and gnarled knots that result in its one-of-a-kind natural beauty. What a conversation starter and unique addition to your lovely home.

Another great perk is that the incredible variety of live edge wood knows no bounds. Live edge wood can be acquired in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors to suit any purpose. Choose from the rich tones of pine, walnut, maple, cherry, oak and more. 

Interested in learning more about live edge wood? Just give M & M Enterprises a call at 386-672-1554. M & M Enterprises, Inc., your local lumber yard, is a trusted source for live edge wood and specializes in exquisite custom craftsmanship.

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