Quality over Quantity

Wood quality can mean the difference between a project that is simply completed and a job completely well-done. When it comes to wood, quality means solidly built homes that are well-worth the investment; decking and fencing that withstand the harshest of elements to stand the test of time; and handcrafted wooden pieces such as furniture, countertops and cabinetry that can all beautifully complement the style of our homes and our own personal taste.

Quality can also mean a varied choice of wood types, yielding closets emitting the unmistakably pleasant aroma of cedar, interior barn doors adorned with gorgeous hardware and striking cherry flooring. Imagine a wooden bar top. Now imagine that bar top crafted from a unique, high quality piece of live edge wood. 

Whether you are building the home of your dreams or handcrafting a planter, window box, shelving, armoire or closet organizer; the quality of the wood you choose will translate into your finished product. M & M Enterprises has long been owned and operated by a family that prides itself in providing quality lumber to its clientele. 

Wood choices at this local Daytona area lumber yard range from different types of maple, to Viking (thermal) wood, various pines, poplar, ash, fir, cherry, alder, walnut, sapale, ipe, cypress and more. M & M Enterprises also offers thousands of molding patterns, primed wood, primed finger joints and nickel joints; and, whether it is lumber or building accessories you require, you can be certain that everything at M & M Enterprises is top-quality merchandise.


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