Tools to Keep on Hand for Lumber DIYs

Are you planning a do-it-yourself construction project and curious about what tools you should have on hand for a smooth process and professional results? The tools you need can vary from DIY project to project, but there are definitely some tools that are essential no matter what…

It may be basic, but one of the most frequently used hand tools during any project involving lumber is a claw hammer. A rubber grip will make it more comfortable to use, as will making sure your hammer is the ideal weight. For instance, 20 ounces is light enough to easily manipulate and use repetitively, yet heavy enough to do the job.

You know what they say, “Measure twice and cut once and then kick it in place.” Actually, if you have a tape measure, you can forget about struggling with that last part! A utility knife with disposable blades can also serve you well in so many ways during a DIY project.

Then, you will most likely need a cordless power drill with regular flathead and Phillips head screw drivers for those harder to reach places. A ratchet screwdriver is good for more torque and those tiny screwdrivers are handy for really tight spots.

It’s also good to have both small and larger levels on hand, as well as a square for measuring angles and making cuts. Six inch squares are great because they are easy to carry around. A router will serve you well for trimming and shaping; a random-orbit sander is a good tool for smoothing surfaces; and you’ll need a saw – table saws are nice to have – for making cuts.

It’s also great if you have an extension cord, ladder and a stud finder lying around as well. When you have all the tools you think you’ll need, come to M & M Enterprises for quality lumber in a wide array of wood choices. We’ve been building solid relationships with our clients for years!

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