What Is a Chair Rail?

We are all spending a lot more time at home these days, so why not make the most of your interior space by enhancing it with some pleasing and affordable aesthetics that only a chair rail can provide?  

Chair rails are horizontal moldings applied to walls approximately 1/3 of the way up the wall from the floor – about the height of a standard-sized chair. They were originally created for the express purpose of protecting walls from chair scratches and scuffs. You know the kind, like when large and in charge Uncle Bluto exuberantly tosses back his chair as he excuses himself after a considerable meal.

Today, however, chair rails – which bestow a stylish, visually appealing architectural interest – have an even bigger purpose. They are a charming traditional touch that can add warmth to any room; and they can be presented in so many different ways…

For instance, you can place a chair rail around the entire perimeter of a room or on just one focal wall you want to showcase. They can we painted, stained or you can enjoy the beauty of natural wood. Chair rails can be smooth or include intricate patterns. They come in real wood, offering beautiful grains or composite for cost-effective durability. 

You can paint your chair rail a different color from your wall or paint the top part of your wall a different color from the bottom. Mix up patterns and textures. Use a chair rail as a divider of wall paper, wall board or textured paint. You can also use a chair rail to separate an expansive wall that might otherwise be overwhelming.

The moral of this story is to add a chair rail for some off the rails aesthetics in your home. Get yours at M & M Enterprises, your local lumber yard.

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