What’s Trending in Wood Accents

Want to add just the right amount of cozy to your den? Ever thought about a wood accent wall or part of a wall? Or add a wood accent wall behind your commode to transform that boring half-bath into a showpiece! 

Rough wood in an elegant, small piece pattern is perfect around windows or for that tiny kitchen nook or reading corner. And here’s a tip for smaller spaces: Choose a light-toned wood to keep a tiny space from appearing tinier.

Traditional half-walls topped with crown molding can make your dining area more elegant and wooden slat ceilings in your living room will create a comfortable energy you might not have even known you needed!

Give any room a modern feel by placing wood on the walls in geometric shapes or accenting your wood accents with silver or gold metal strips; or attach wooden boards on the wall behind your bed to provide the appearance of a beautiful headboard.

Vertically hung wooden boards behind your sink on which a round mirror rests will perk up your powder room. Place a wooden wall along your sunken tub, add a little greenery and voila! You’ve created a natural oasis. 

Add a wood accent wall in your entrance way or mudroom with pretty hooks to hang coats or ascend a staircase with a half wall made of your choice of lumber. Fill in the space around your fireplace with a partial wood accent wall or soften exposed pipes with the warm feel of wood.

White painted horizontal wood planks can create a nautical appeal, while multi-toned walls of ash, walnut and oak add a bit of cheer. Bar tops are more beautiful when they are crafted from wood, as are the wall your office desk faces on which you strategically place shelving.

Wherever you choose, the natural grains of wood will create a warm, unique space that is also an easy, budget-friendly DIY project!

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