Wood Accent Walls – Hip New Style!

Want to know what is trending in home interior design? Think outside the box and elevate your style
with wall décor. Wood accent walls are a hot commodity and continuing to gain popularity. They
enhance otherwise ordinary or drab areas of your home with texture and warmth. Besides the off-beat
beauty and interest they can add to any room, wood accent walls are quick, easy and cheap to install!
A wood plank wall can create a lovely focal point in your dining room. Fit boards together so that each
overlaps the one below for a den with a shiplap showcase wall. Want to drastically change the look of
your living room? Place a modern, large screen TV with against a wood pallet accent wall for a gorgeous
rustic contrast. Mix things up with a mixed wood wall behind your headboard or as a backdrop for your
dresser or vanity in your master bedroom. How about a cozy reading nook? Just rest a bench with comfy
pillows against your new wooden wall and stack books underneath for some innovative, makeshift
shelving. You can even add some character to a boring bathroom with a wood accent wall.
Choose a paint color, leave wood in its natural state or intersperse both for a unique appeal; or affix
wood in a pattern, such as herringbone, for even more flair. Whatever you decide, you can always trust
M & M Enterprises, your local lumber yard, to have the materials you need.

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