Woodworking after Retirement…We Have What You Need

Wondering how you will fill your days after retirement? How does this sound…creating something beautiful out of nothing, remaining relevant and useful and learning a new skill. Are you up for a challenge? Woodworking can provide all of the above and more.

Woodworking can also keep you social by broadening your social circles and opportunities. For instance, you could take a woodworking class, providing you with engaging interaction with like-minded people and possibly facilitating friendships with people who have common interests. As you progress and your woodworking skills improve, you could also become involved in community projects or possibly even share your knowledge with others. Plus, great gifts can make you very popular among family and friends! Just joking, but that is actually a very cool benefit to woodworking as well.

Heck, there are even health benefits to woodworking! Woodworking is great for both the mind and body. It is low impact, yet it still requires some physical effort, so woodworking is an excellent form of exercise for the aging population. It is also a proven fact that woodworking is a remarkable tool for warding off memory and cognitive problems. Designing wood pieces takes creativity, so woodworking can keep you sharp by engaging your mind. According to the Mayo Clinic, crafts can decrease mild cognitive impairment by at least 45 percent!

Aside from creating remarkable décor and other handy items, woodworking can create a sense of satisfaction and happiness in retirement. The bottom line is that woodworking can be a truly enjoyable experience anytime.

M & M Enterprises, serving Volusia County, is here for you with everything you could need from a local lumber yard. Just give us a call at 386-672-1554 with any questions or browse through our expansive wood types and top quality lumber products via our online catalog.

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