You vs. Termites

Florida may be a majestic setting, but its temperate weather makes it not only a haven for its residents and visitors, but an oasis for bugs including termites and carpenter ants. When you have a woodworking project, whether it is something as simple as an outdoor table or a more intricate project such as a gazebo or a pool deck with built-in seating and flower boxes, you need to start with a solid foundation…and when that comes to you versus termites and other wood boring insects, it really does matter what type of lumber you choose. For example:

  • Cedar and redwoods, although considered soft woods, are both termite and weather resistant. Their striking finish also makes them a popular choice for wooden trellises, pergolas and fencing. 
  • Ipe, a great choice for coastal construction, decking material and outdoor walkways, provides a density and natural oils which make it resistant to termites and even scratches and heat. 
  • Cypress, named “the eternal wood” for its durability, also contains natural oils which repel insects and help prevent rotting. 
  • Mahogany and teak are very beautiful, very dense woods, making them resistant to termites and other insects as well.
  • Viking wood is thermally modified, resulting in lumber which repels moisture and, subsequently, insect infestation.
  • Don’t forget pressure treated lumber. Pressure treating makes lumber more water resistant and helps prevent all the things that come along with water damage, such as insect infestation, rotting and fungus growth. It may be a little more expensive than non-treated lumber, but pressure treated lumber can last a long time, paying for itself in the long-run. 

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